A typical NMBS class is not exclusively focused in preparing the pupils for Cecchetti exams but rather in teaching them dance through creative technical work tailored for each individual. Miss Nina's classes have great influence of the Vaganova technique.

NMBS' teachers constantly bring to their classes different methods to which they have been exposed during their dance education and performing careers.


Miss Nina’s repertoire of movement and work exists in a continuous circle of development due to her eternal willingness to learn. She travels every year to visit old tutors and fellow dancers who continue to inspire her work. Miss Nina also attends numerous workshops and summer courses every year as she believes it is fundamental to enhancing her teaching.



Spring Term 2020 (12 weeks)

Classes start Tue 7th January 2020

Last day of term Sat 4th April 2020

Half Term Week Break Mon 17th Feb - Sat 22nd Feb


Summer Term 2020 (12 weeks)

Classes start Mon 20th April 2020

Last day of term Sat 18th July 2020

Half Term Week Break Mon 25th May - Sat 30th May








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