“My ballet classes make me feel energised and challenged. As we giggle a lot, I enjoy every single minute.”

Becky Green, pupil in her 40's

“I love Nina's ballet classes. She is always full of energy and passionate about teaching. It is not always easy when everyone's in the different skill levels as we are all adults but she pays attention to everyone's needs and the class is always hard but fun. Thank you Nina!”

Hisayo, pupil in her 40's



"I have been going to Nina's beginners ballet class in London for almost one year. Nina is an absolutely fantastic teacher and an inspirational dancer. Nina has helped me to become a better dancer and is always able to find the balance between learning technical ability, dancing with musicality and dancing for enjoyment. The classes are always different and have a wonderful atmosphere that is friendly and welcoming. I always look forward to my Thursday class with Nina and would recommend Nina's classes to everyone - whatever your age, ability, experience and background. You will walk away with a smile on your face and a better dancer."

Michelle, 23 years old

“Miss Nina's classes are always full of fun and laughter. It's lovely to see the children progressing in watching week”

Amanda, Immy's mum

"I can't help but laugh at ballet... It's so fun"

Flora, 4 years old

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