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At NMBS students have to wear the official uniform and we would appreciate if you could purchase the correct attire for your child.

Wearing a uniform creates a sense of identity and belonging within the studio, it creates a sense of unity like a corps de ballet.

It also helps improve technique, as the teacher can see the alignment and posture without distractions. Each piece of uniform has its reason to be worn. 

Being perfectly presented with tidy hair, immaculate uniform, is the biggest compliment a teacher can receive. That is for all our disciplines. 

Preschool, Pre-Primary, Primary= Beatrice PALE PINK leotard plus pale pink chiffon skirt, tights and shoes to match skin colour.
Grade 1: Beatrice PALE PINK leotard, NO skirt, tights and shoes to match skin colour.
Grade 2 and above  = Elizabeth LAVENDER leotard, NO skirt, tights and shoes to match skin colour.

Where to buy?

To buy your ballet uniform, we recommend you to use

For the leotard, type in the SEARCH box: Beatrice OR Elizabeth leotard - When the item is found, please select size and the colour PALE PINK or LAVENDER 

For the skirt, type in the SEARCH box: chiffon skirt - you can select the Capezio or the Rock Valley in PALE PINK. Attention! From Grade 1 upwards, no skirt is used. 


For tights and shoes, we would recommend you go with the closest shade to your children's skin colour. Type in the SEARCH box: "ballet tights" to see a selection of tights, and "ballet shoes" to see a selection of shoes.
Please note, for shoes, we recommend to our white dancers the Bloch Arise leather and to our brown and black dancers, we recommend Freed Aspire in leather.



This link takes you straight to the boys session:

For ballet shoes, type in the SEARCH box: "ballet shoes".
Male students can wear white shoes and white socks or black shoes with black socks. They can also wear shoes and socks that match their skin tone.


Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Drama and Tap uniform: 
(Plus hoodies, bags, bottles and more merchandise products) 
Please use: for the uniform
and for dance shoes. 

See you in the studio looking gorgeous! 

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