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We have a strongly established ethos at NMBS, which is evident in all of our classes.

We work hard to understand each individual child's needs as a growing dancer and to support their progress through kindness and highly skilled motivational strategy. We encourage close communication between teachers and parents/ carers to further facilitate the children's learning and happiness in class. We also teach the children to be kind, courteous and respectful of each other in class.

Children learn at different rates and in different ways. It is vital that we are mindful of this and build their confidence alongside their technique to enable them to express themselves artistically. 

The same applies to our adult dance classes. We understand that some adults might feel vulnerable when starting or returning to class. With this in mind, everyone is treated with respect, kindness and understanding as they develop their technique and artistry in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

We provide performance opportunities for all dancers to showcase their art if they choose. 



A typical NMBS ballet class is not exclusively focused in preparing the pupils for Cecchetti exams but rather in teaching them dance through creative technical work tailored for each individual. Miss Nina's classes have great influence of the Vaganova technique.

NMBS' teachers constantly bring to their classes different methods to which they have been exposed during their dance education and performing careers.

Adult Ballet 

We offer adult ballet in two levels, beginners - with a touch of fitness, cardio workout and toning, and intermediate - a complete class for more experienced dancers who wish to continue training parallel to their day-to-day job and family commitments.



In Tap, students learn everything from the basics to the most iconic tap steps of all time. We take inspiration from golden age musicals such as Singing in the Rain, all the way to modern tap dance that includes Stomp. We strive to achieve the next generation of Gene Kelly’s and Cyd Charisse’s! 


In Drama, each term we work towards a different project. This can be anything from acting for camera, acting through song, improvisation and team building exercises. We create an environment where children feel confident to work in a team and to showcase by themselves. 

Body Conditioning

In this class, we work on core stability, flexibility, alignment, and muscle strength. These elements are most important to supporting the foundation of any dance technique. We work mostly on floor mats and occasionally  use resistance bands and exercise balls to add a challenge to the practice. 

Preschool Ballet

In these magical ballet classes our little ones learn new steps/ techniques, through wonderful stories, rhymes and music, developing their love for dance, becoming confident performers and having so much fun!


Contemporary Dance is based off ballet, modern and lyrical techniques where the use of floor work, breath, improvisations and freedom of movement is the the focus of class, building power, confidence and strength through expressive movements.

Musical Theatre

In Musical Theatre, students work towards an end of term performance where we present a shortened musical. Students learn how to sing, act AND dance at the same time! Students have learned material from shows such as Shrek, High School Musical, Greatest Showman and Matilda. NMBS prides itself on making sure all our students have a triple threat status! 

Creative Dance 

Creative Dance provides the opportunity for children to develop their creative movement skills along side their ballet class. It offers the chance for creative freedom in their

dancing and imaginative play through movement tasks, co-ordination and rhythm games and improvisations. We also

work on creating their own dances and building confidence in their movement ideas.

My daughter loves ballet classes with Miss Nina. The classes are engaging and skills are taught in a fun way that is appropriate to the child's age while still maintaining classical technique.

K Seawards

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